These are more photos from the shoot I did last weekend. This was only my second shoot with a model that wasn't a friend of mine posing for me and my camera after a little begging-bash and possibly an apple Smirnoff or two. I was lucky enough to also have a chance to work with a make-up artist for the first time. Both were great, created a very layed back environment for me and my slight jitters. We had planned an outdoor shoot that Saturday, with two looks by the water, but our stylist cancelled and the weather wasn't so much on our side so we ended up shooting at Diandra's, the model's, apartment which was absolutely perfect with it's alluring heritage character and nostalgic aura. I'm planning on moving in with a roommate some time in the near future, I'll be scouting out all heritage buildings on craigslist for the sole purpose of shoots like this one.


  1. woooow!! your blog is amazing my dear
    so much inspiration really nice
    keep posting!!


  2. Thank you very much Demi, those words mean a lot :)

  3. wundervolle bilder! wie hast du diesen vintage-effekt eingebaut?
    LIMITLESS grüßt dich :)

  4. Just by adjusting colors/curves on photoshop and using backlighting (from the window) for a hazy effect :)